The First Real Results

Above: Producing 41.5 kg of trust, with 7.6 kW. First results are in line with expectations/simulations. Prop 48/12, special design.

Thanks to all contributions
As a team we receive also highly valuable input of many people, who are experts in fields that we also need. For example from Reidar, Antony, Job, Alex, Kelly, Forrest and many others. We highly […]

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First Tests Confirm Calculations!

Above: The belt drive system with 1.22 m prop and Rotomax, just before starting.

Configurations and motor testing

With Kees we started Friday morning in setting up the tests. It went smoothly. We added some more precaution measures (rope limiting movement, and side positions) and a reinforcement bar. After testing the system with 14 V all was setup […]

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Testing Soon!

Above: Barry preparing for the strength test of the carbon fiber tube , glue and connector. A 1000 kg load!

Students and internships
Since we have entered the construction and testing phase, there is a interesting opportunity for motivated students to work in the project. We work with highly motivated team and innovative companies. The topics for […]

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3D Sketches

We had an interesting meeting at  Wageningen University (I graduated there in 81).   One of the members of their Drone and Agriculture team, also demonstrated great practical knowledge on the drone legislation and training requirements. As we share a vision that there might be all kind of sizes of drones, involved in sampling […]

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First Update in New Year

Starting up again
Progress has been slow these days as all other partner companies of the project are closed during this period.
Time to wake up again from the reflection and coziness and start up again with the project.  The planning is for the testing configuration end of January all will be ready for the testing days! […]

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