We had an interesting meeting at  Wageningen University (I graduated there in 81).   One of the members of their Drone and Agriculture team, also demonstrated great practical knowledge on the drone legislation and training requirements. As we share a vision that there might be all kind of sizes of drones, involved in sampling soil and water, in plant sampling, in biological pest control, there might be different sizes. We are looking forward to share and cooperate where relevant.

 Attractive design
With Marko we worked on some of the design issues and seem to have a good solution that can either be used for a man drone as well as a donkey drone.


First 3 D sketch of the craft. Similar as the model above.

Sail plane or glider
We have offer for glider canopy and of can make our own design. Monday next, when visiting a glider centre in Gelderland, we will have a chance to check different canopies (on weight thickness) what to do!

Cold Gas Generator for Airbag Parachutes
We had a visit this week to cold gas generator guys (used to inflate space crafts or cushions) quite interesting. They felt interested in the air bag parachute development!  The use the same airbag technology, but let it work slower, so the gas is ambient temp. But it is slower (1 to 3 sec) to fill (airbag is milliseconds). Will continue doing a quick scan with them …

A most beautiful prop
HK’s carbon fiber prop arrived. We need a CW and CCW precision pair in future. So HK see if this can be done?