Presentation at the Innovation Tradefair in Dronten, the Netherlands

This week Barry and myself finished the preparing the craft for the Innovation in Precision Agriculture Trade Fair in Dronten, the Netherlands. We got a really good stand position to display the craft. We mounted only 8 motors as we plan to test the system with that configuration (still await the ESC of HK). The response was highly interesting. You can see more about it here.


Farmers and specialists were excited seeing the craft with a spray installation for precision agriculture. A lot of questions were raised and most interestingly new applications were suggested by the farmers.  We made many contacts that will get follow-up!




Stiffening the airframe

Last week we also made the frame more stiff; we added 8 meters or carbon fiber tubing between the points according to the  outcomes of the simulations of Marko. It helped to make it far more rigid.


The Beginning of the tests

Next week we plan to do the first tests, and as Reidar recommends: set out a number of baby steps. So guys have some patience. We will connect the central control system with the signal wires, put the gyro in the centre of gravity, while the ESC switches are already placed and connected at the rear for easy access. The GPS antenna cable is now extended and can be connected.  As you can see it is SOTA!


Drawings  & design software progress

One of the team members, Predrag  worked on adaptation of the drone system for agri tasks. He worked on the visualization of other tasks and in the fire fighting we also will soon show a premier ambulance version. With Marko we worked on a simple design tool for such multi rotor crafts. It is easy to use and gives the designer good parameters like power, energy requirements, sound indications, etc.. This is all very useful for the professional versions!



The Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA) aims to facilitate the development of unmanned cargo aircraft (UCA) and we had a chance to explain to this group of ca 30 people what our craft is about. We think that it is not a cargo aircraft in the sense of cargo hauling for long distances, however it can be a lifting hoist in some cases in the distribution of parcels or goods. Interesting was a demo of the military on what sort of drones they currently use, and what the future might hold. We had a really good reception and made interesting contacts.



Certification in the Netherlands is an issue for this craft either as being a manned multicopter or a RPAS.  A consultation by DGB on the need and sense of developing a multicopter  certification framework with some experts and scientist of the sector is likely to take place. We think this can only be good for the NL aviation sector.


First contacts with possible investors

We have started to contact a number of investors already some time ago and are in discussion with some of them on the terms and conditions.


NL Funding of RPAS development for agricultural tasks

With the innovation day for precision agriculture we could further gauge who would be having the right interest and relevant capabilities for the craft development. We think that this becomes every time more concrete.