New Website

Soon we are moving to the new website!  We will announce it in a due time, so you can move to that one, and continue there!

Market study
Different economic sectors and applications have been discussed with experts, and are currently doing desk study to identify the potential for each of the economic sectors. Finally, we will discuss the results of the desk-study with the experts in the different sectors, in order to have a sort of reality check. All assumptions will be conservative. One serious issue is that this is a totally new product that can substitute existing products and services, but can also increase activities in a totally new areas. Just like, for example, mobile phones, that ultimately created an entirely new technological generation in which everyone does activities that was never considered before, like: video games, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Any one who would like to support us as an expert or connect us with more experts, is welcome! We are looking for marketing experts in following areas:

  1. Sports and ultra-light rotor crafts
  2. Parcel transport and logistics
  3. Agriculture
  4. Nature and environment
  5. Police
  6. Firefighting
  7. Ambulance and helicopters
  8. Military

Range extender
All calculations show that a range extender can have 7 to 8 times the energy intensity by weight of LiPo batteries. There are different candidates for such range extender systems:  2 stroke engines, wankel, gas-turbine, etc. Recently a new start-up in Netherlands was funded for making a sort of range extender, looking like a typical Jerry can. Let’s see what they can offer.

Goods and parts coming in
We have ordered almost all equipment. Had some trouble with the LiPo charger, but that was solved successfully! Parts are now in the making process!


Carbon fiber tubes in different shapes and sizes!


Part of the e-motors arrived already!

 Path to Certification
With a number of experts of NLR and NVAV we discussed the path to certification and all legislation issues. We think that we’ve crafted a good path to start. This process will start as of Monday, also taking the testing of the PoC in consideration.

How to proceed in the future
We discussed how to proceed with the project beyond the prototype. We are expecting bright future for this sort of aircrafts in different shapes and forms, and aim to make a professional result as well! A start-up in the making!