Yes a bad wording, but..
We had some money transfers with a famous internet banking and transfer system gone wrong. I would say that at least we have a glance of how the actors in the game are working… And the short cut is system seen to work automatic and there is nothing these people can do to intervene. What is the result: some 2 weeks delay in the payment of the seller, so 2 weeks delay in the components…
So period is boring, no construction pictures! Hopefully you like the topic of strategic niche management as part of the market study.

New Website
We have postponed the new website launching to add some more drawings and material. We will announce it in a week, so you can move to the new site and continue there!

Market study
We are currently conducting a deskstudy to identify the potential  of large drones in each of the economic sectors. We found the approach from Schot  and Geels ( Geels, F.W. and Schot, J.W., 2007, ‘Typology of sociotechnical transition pathways , Research Policy, 36 (3), pp.399-417)  quite attractive as they depart from a societal influence on current specific markets of goods and services. They call the current way of doing things with the current products and services the regime.  Societal pressure of consumers but also the wider public opinion (called the landscape) might bring pressure to change that way of doing things (eg alternatives to using polluting cars). Niche players that e.g. develop electric cars are then emerging and can enter existing markets. This is not done easily: the regime and its actors have a firm interest to keep things the way they are.
Niche players can use lessons on how to get quicker to their goal of creating a first niche in the market, by e.g.

  1. setting new standards jointly (in the earlier example, eg. electric car charging sockets),
  2. developing  lobby groups,
  3. managing expectations (the new electric car has limitations you should know!), and
  4. sharing the learning in improving the innovation.

It is highly useful for our project to work according to such recommendations.  If you are interested to share your knowledge and experience for the market study, please let us know!

The team is really shaping up and we have effective communications. Our network with the market players is growing both in Agriculture, and the Rescue sector. We have interesting contacts now in USA, Canada, South Africa, China , but lack those in Brazil and Colombia. So if you have contacts in the aviation sector in those countries, let us know. 

Goods and parts coming in
We have ordered almost all equipment. Had some trouble with the lipo charger but that was solved!

Path to Certification
We now have taken first steps toward Certification.  We are well supported in this area with amateur aviation people. So meetings are planned. At a KIVI Aeronautical Engineering meeting (Engineers club of the Netherlands)  we got a really interesting presentation of the NL certifier on Drones. It will take some 20 years according to them to get a full Remotely piloted aircraft system RPAS fly as RP out of line of sight. We think that there can be short cuts for many applications, and smart solutions.