Finalizing the airframe

The airframe has been finished and all bolts and nuts have been sealed. Extra tension wires have been attached to provide more rigidity to the structure.  All motor ESC units have been tested and now the Lipo batteries charging with a balancing charger from MGM is being done. After this we can start mounting the motors/ESC’s and batteries on the frame.



20150521_110149 adapted


Test preparation

The testing of the craft is planned using a protocol that has been prepared by the team. We first have a number of indoor tests and we have yet to select the best place.


In search for a financial person

We were so far not successful in finding an experienced financial team member who could assist us in the elaboration of the financial paragraphs of the business plan, and the preparation of the proposals for funding. Possibly it was not so clear who we are looking for. So we have prepared a Terms of Reference (ToR) for such persons tasks and qualifications. So again if you think you have capacities in this or know people that might be interested, let us know, so we can send you the ToR and contact you for an interview.



First contacts with  possible investors

We have started to contact a number of investors already some time ago and are in discussion with some of them on the terms and conditions.



In this area progress has been booked. With NL authorities we have discussed the status on the Annex 2 category under which this experimental craft would fall. There is currently not a clean cut multirotor electric drive CS category. However there is a most close  category of VLR (Very Light Rotorcraft), that could be used for large number of aspects. So the idea might be that for this craft the framework for testing might be adapted.


NL Funding

There are also huge market opportunities for this craft as RPAS. For the new precision agriculture we are currently with a number of science and business partners preparing a R&D proposal to further develop the applications, that are most close to market.