Testing  Baby steps: controlled lifting

On 25/06/2015 we conducted the first controlled tests. We nailed the system to limited freedom with 4 ropes and started it. The settings of the control were a little too direct so we did need to soften them. It worked a little better every time. Finally we also reduced throttle to a lower level. This tuning is to be finished over the coming days!

Here is a short video of the first flight test:



Such a good support

At the fine tuning of the controller we were very much helped with Droneland.nl Their specialist Vincent van Schenkel helped us with the last check before testing. A great job! And just to let you know they have impressive stuff over there. They also are dealer of DJI systems.

Another good support was given by Harko Konink www.koninketalagepoppen.nl. He supported us with the excellent dummy who we called Amelia (Earhart). Amazing to be in his shop with all these fashion puppets.




As we wanted to have a seat swiftly we asked Jan van de Weerd of Stoffeerderij van de Weerd to help us with a seat. It worked out nicely. Again good work!

We highly appreciate also Wiljans input as a flight tester. We are grateful that we could experiment on a nice heli platform. Great job!

Contacts with agri sector sensors companies

As a result of the Dronten innovation day for precision agriculture we had some people contact us to see how the systems (e.g. cameras recognition of chlorophyll) could be used in the drone. Also there are some farmers interested to test the system, but of course that will take some steps. We hope that the Province of Flevoland allows NLR and the WUR practice centre to have exceptions for the testing of drones (including ours <150 kg)

New team member

We had the first meeting with the new team member. His background and qualifications are exciting. We feel that he has the right experience to bring us further in the next steps after the POC. We had extensive discussions on the approach and tech data. We feel comfortable.

First contacts with possible investors

We have started to contact a number of investors already some time ago and are in discussion with some of them on the terms and conditions.

NL Funding of RPAS development for agricultural tasks

With the innovation day for precision agriculture we have found interest of some parties with relevant capabilities for the craft development. We think that this becomes every time more concrete.