Starting up again
Progress has been slow these days as all other partner companies of the project are closed during this period.
Time to wake up again from the reflection and coziness and start up again with the project.  The planning is for the testing configuration end of January all will be ready for the testing days! Props of 32 x 12 arrived. They allow us to test the contra- rotating prop configuration. Finally we can confirm the data!

Transmitter and balancing system bought
On Friday we bought the transmitter and were happy to be explained on the functioning of it. It is a neat powerful 10 channels transmitter that is compatible with our balancing control system.


The transmitter, a beast of a unit as my son said!


Charging station V 1.0. The system does what it needs to do! Charging the batteries. We can have ca 68 to 72 packs!

Barry finalizing the belt reductor pulleys and accessories
Barry is back again! His friend and colleague sent us the result from his CNC bank work: a piece of art and he’s finalizing the other pieces.

Marko finalizing our design
With Marko we worked on some of the design issues and seem to have a good attractive design. He is now working out the details.  It is only fair to show it in its draft version, so we won’t show it right now.

Other tech topics
Work on the airbag parachute and micro turbines has not moved this week, as those companies to work have X-mas holidays.

Science and high schools
Will pick this up after their vacations. We have establishes contacts with a number of universities and high schools both nationally and internationally. Now we will give shape to the cooperation.

Legal issues and safety  
Planned is to discuss a number of pending issues  with NRL (Aerospace Lab of the Netherlands). Will pick this up after their vacations.