News this news is covering the last weeks!!



We really have to thank Jeroen Woudenberg, of the Woudgraaf video productions company, who produced a nice video for the Drone for Good Award.  It has become a marvel! Thanks for your sponsoring Jeroen!

We also need to pay gratitude to the many people that have been involved in the market study like the group of Fontis Eindhoven with Ahmet and Martijn and the people they interviewed and many others that I personally interviewed as  a preparation of understanding the market.


Our video

Our video had a precursor. It was a 1 min video that Jeroen Woudenberg made for the Nomination of the Gelderse Valleij award. Itxplains the opportunities of the agricultural drone that can lift implements up to 100 kg. Have a look and give your comments.


Projects with University of Wageningen and University of Twente

With the University of Twente we proposed a project on the design and testing of a robot arm that can be implemented on the Drone: this arm needs to be linked to the drone on one hand with flexibility, but on the other with a 3 axis active rotation system that can be useful for many applications (cleaning of windturbine blades, painting of blades, etc..)


With the University of Wageningen we are aiming to develop a science project.  This project is about the addition of intelligence to the drone using not only many sensors, but also analyzing and interpretating them and adding intelligence. The University will in this project design and test their sensor systems. They can eg recognize soil moisture or plants health or distinguish  weeds from crops. This technology can be furthered and applied.


Working on the fine tuning of the drone

With Greg we fine tuned the new autopilot that had more options for finetuning as the previous A2 from DJI.  While testing we could see the effect of the PID different settings and this lead to a nice stable system at the end. Our system for control in this case was a beam that had been attached by 2 ground anchors.







Submission of video for DroneforGood Award

We submitted our Agridrone idea to the Award and the proposal was well received. The Proposal contained a technical and short plan like description, and Jeroen’s video!


Market study preparation

A company in aero vision will be carrying a international market study for the agridrone potential applications both on international as national level.

On the national radio

We were given a 5 min interview by the KRO/NCRV radio program on the potential of our drone: the lady of the radio really was surprised by the endless possibilities of such drone; as a agricultural implement or a rescue or even a  man carrying version.


On the Gelderland News

We also were mentioned on the news of TV Gelderland. There was a small explanatory video taken of us working on the drone. It helped to get a better recognition of the general public on this sort of technology, that will be part of our future.

Business plan drone4agro

We formulated a business plan for the agricultural drone development, production and sales. The Drone4Agro Start-up is ready to start.

Pitch prepared

We prepared a pitch for Angel investors that we are ready to a show our start-up. We have a good team that has been working together and contributing each with their skills and endurance to get this working proof of concept! With this basis and a large network of all suppliers, science community and authorities like certifiers, we can develop a commercially viable prototype .