The frame is now glued together! It needs some refinement and correction and after this we can add tension wires, and go into adding the motors, etc… 
Will start next weeks with this!




NLR cooperation
Interesting discussion took place with staff of the NLR the National Aerosace Laboratorium of the Netherlands. Cooperation of airframe design in a next professional stage is discussed. NLR offers also RPAS certification and testing facilities

First contact has been established with EASA, and with the dedicated sections we can have an opening for starting a ELA process. We will see this process and the procedures in the light of the airworthy multicopter

CZ certification
With the Czech microlight certifiers an interesting discussion took place. Interest is there when local assembly or production will take place in that country. In that respect we had first conversations with a number of CZ airplane manufacturers.

New Markets for Drones
For the mega drone as we have it, there is quite some interest in the typical new market countries. Europe is interesting, but certification issues might take too much time. other countries like Australia and New Zealand are more receptive to new and innovative technologies, to suit their purpose of transport, agriculture and surveillance tasks. We had some interesting discussion on this last week with a government official.

Drones for the Agro sector
For the furthering of our drone (RPAS) towards tasks in agriculture we plan to set up a separate company. This will materialize next week!

CN Shanghai Project
We have established good contacts with a CN supplier of components for our professional version. The next weeks we will continue our dialogue.