News this news is covering the last weeks!!


Nominated for the Innovation Award of Province of Gelderland

We as a team were nominated for the innovation price. It was a great event and we had the opportunity to explain about the project and the expectations,  see the presentation movie.


Test flights

We did a number of controlled test flights with the drone using a single cable extension. We added a long 6 meter cross to it. We started with a manual control to have full control on the craft. This flight was OK and the drone could be handled. Next we tested in Atti mode and there a strange oscillation was found that made the craft particularly unstable over the axis perpendicular to the lateral 2 x 6 meters beams total beams weight and tank ca 60 kg. It was not easy to control the oscillation. We took some hypothesis home.  See pictures bellow.


Capture 22


Capture 11

Test Flight with small drone

On Monday we started to test those on a smaller drone that we applied the same beams and battery distributions. As expected the drone reacted the same way increasing oscillations. So this resulted in a number of improvements we will carry out before going in to the way point system.


Updated Business Plan

With the footage of the flight as we think we will do it in future, coming up soon, we have started to update the Bplan for Angel Investors and Crowd funding.


The Team

Greg has taken his role in the team: it is fun work together. Barry has become a second pilot (he flew the second drone for camera pictures). Marko and Pre are busy with the skid work and now also looking into the design  using low disk loading.


Preparing for automatic flight

As we did not get to the auto flight last time it will be soon this weekend. We are preparing all improvements so.  It was a good cooperation with Barry and Greg. Good guys!


First market study data collection

We had a number of very interesting interviews with farmers and other users on the applications of the drone: highly interesting results and we will use these in the summary report on the market analysis.


The office and workplace

We are in the selection of a office and workshop for the agridrone project. We hope to have the competitive offers soon, so we can start… However if you have suggestions for a workshop of  a 20 to 25 m2 let us know.