This news is covering the last 4 weeks!!

It is summer and time of holidays but we are still here pushing the design further!


Preparation for completely controlled flight

The preparations for completely controlled flight of the drone are being made. With one of the best providers of ground control software we are now moving ahead. Way points and tracking will be done. Footage of this effort will demo the endless possibilities of such system for the precision agriculture, for emergency and firefighting.



Certification preparation

National (netherlands) directorate of transport is looking into the framwork for certification of electric/hybrid  multicopter. An interesting meeting was held in the Hague to discuss needs and value of setting up such framework with the universities (TUD and UTwente) and NLR ( The results are that clear recommendations were set-out for both manned as unmanned RPAS


Rotors development

A visit to a mayor rotor manufacturer Helix in Germany was made to discuss the optimization of the rotors for the new certifiable prototype. It yielded interesting info on the noise reduction strategies. Amazing was the dedicated work found in the factory. It was agreed that some testing could be done jointly to ultimately have high efficient low noise rotors.


Agridrone development

With a small consortium in agricultural sensor technology and interpretation, control software development, precision agriculture suppliers, prototype manufacturing and aircraft developers, and Universities, the plan has been set out to apply for an EU subsidy. We have an extremely powerful team to develop the airworthy agricultural drone.





Easa is of course the entity that needs to be involved in the certification of either a manned as RPAS version.


Progress in range extenders

We seem to have a highly interesting partner for the engine to be used for the range extender. This party produces extremely low weight high speed engines with good efficiency allowing the craft to be in the air for more than one hour!


Motors and batteries

Motors ESC’s and battery manufacturers have been selected. The motors are not certified but have been applied in more than 30 electric aircrafts.



Study of configurations

With Marko and Predrag we have been working over the different configurations. In the studies we have created beautiful marvels! Exciting!! However we are not finished yet!


Canopy arrival!

Our precious canopy has finally arrived. We can now also position it on the craft!