Waiting for the last stuff
Unfortunately the components only come slow manner, and this forces us to wait with ex.  the making of the electric system… Patience is needed…  And wishing you a good Easter!
Fuselage Building
Although we planned to first get the connectors and beams finished, it was decided that due to technical planning, we first will proceed with the fuselage mock-up modeling. It will give a good impression of the final product. Later this week we will continue with the the beams and connectors.

New Website
We have postponed the new website launching to add some more drawings and material. We will announce it in a week, so you can move from Humming Man Project to the new site and continue here!

Market Survey
The advertisement for experts yielded a good entrance for understanding of the South Africa and Canadian markets.  Thanks to those that replied and gave suggestions!

Certification Study
In order to identify the issues of such product based on the Humming Man Project prototype that will arise on certification, a study was done by the student and the team to see the best strategy on effectively certify the craft. Conclusions are clear cut and we have commenced.