Company Activities and our Vision

Drone4Agro makes tailor made agricultural drones for spraying and fertilizing crops. We believe that  part of goods and actuation services in future will use 3 dimensional flight modes. This is enabled by many technologies that come together in this era.  Those are:

  • Super light materials like CF,
  • High power highly controllable electric motors;
  • Accurate sensor and autopilot technology;
  • High power and good energy density technologies like Li-ion batteries, also used in newest electric cars;
  • Software and IOT technology allowing programing of drone flights

So for agriculture spraying of plants or other field activities (like cutting, or pruning) can take place with drones.


Drone4Agro aims to make the best drones for agricultural tasks, that can benefit the farmer by reducing costs; be available 24/7 as no pilot and can fly over water drown lands that can normally to be accessed by a tractor with its implements.

Our Offer

Unique is that the client can make a size selection and type selection based on the needs. Small open field horticulturalist and flower companies have different needs as larger crop producers like corn or potato producers.  So for all applications one can choose an optimal selection saving money for the client and bringing about the optimal result.

Custom Design

Flight duration and speed can be optimized for the client in order to reduce costs. The application of spraying can use different techniques (high efficient fine mist disk technique or regular pressure nozzles). All these spray systems can be tailored to the specific crops: compare vineyards to open field crops.

We have 4 basis types and it is up to the use case what size fits you best. We can assist in this choice:

Width of spray drone   m 3.0 4.5 6.0 9.0
Payload kg 15.0 25.0 40.0 80.0
No of motors no 8 12 16 24

Agridrone Valck:  The 3m wide drone with 8 motors

Agridrone Valck: 3m with 8 rotors

Agridrone Valck: 3m with 8 motors in field spraying

Agridrone Valck: The 4.5m wide drone with 12 motors

Agridrone Valck: 4.5m with 12 rotorsAgridrone Valck: 4.5m with 12 rotors in field spraying

Agridrone Valck: The 6m wide drone with 16 motors

Agridrone Valck: 6m with 16 rotorsAgridrone Valck: 6m with 16 rotors in field spraying