Configurations testing and results
This week we did the coaxial contra-rotating props, and single prop and belt drive tests. The results are as anticipated. The analysis is still on-going, but it is quite something. We can show the first results here.

It shows that 1) the belt drive system is the best performing in terms of thrust/energy, followed by the contra-rotating prop system (taking 2 e motors) and finally the single prop. Of course this is only in that performance range. 2) the extra weight penalty of the belt drive is well compensated. 3) that the thrust of the belt drive sticks to a 41.5 kg (analysis of reasons underway, possibly 3 C cold batteries). Tests were done in cold conditions (3 to 5 C). As the tests show good extra lift of the Contra Rotating unit, we currently opt for 6 units meaning 12 e-motors and props on 6 pods.


We took pictures to collect the data: the 385.7 Amps is for 2 motors! The weight measurement needs a correction factor as its arm is different from the motor arm.


The data collection in a graph. If you want to have additional info, contact us..

Shape of craft
This week we worked on the contra rotating props model, using 12 motors direct drive. We produced 2 versions of it: one with middle level pods (A pod is a arm with the motors/props at the end of it) and one with high wing version. We show you the last one here. It is a awesome beauty in our view and can be easily be differentiated for according to the applications (sports, package, rescue, etc..) .

We hope to have the fuselage mold production ready in close cooperation with the producer.

Development of Airbag parachute
We are also in conversation with NLR to seek their advice on a number of issues of the project. Especially the airbag parachute or alternative safety systems will be a starting point.

Range extender R&D
One of the conclusions of our study on range extenders (gas turbine or 2 stroke high speed or 4 stroke engines) shows that the engines show better fuel efficiency. We need to further this area quickly and collect relevant manufacturers experience.


A herbrandson motor 51 SAE horsepower, 16.5 Kg. ( /Herbranson580.html). Coupling with a light weight generator?

Steps forward
Additional funding is required if we plan to make the craft with the beautiful canopy. We are working on a local subsidy arrangement (innovations office Gelderland) to make this happen. We hope we can soon apply! But do not hesitate to join!