The Aero was highly interesting. It is a show where the small aviation sector can really get excited. Interesting is the large offer from the Czech republic in small 2 to  4 seaters, autogyro’s and more.

The small aviation sector will become electric or hybrid. There were interesting stand of e-motor suppliers. On the larger scale a clear signal is the Siemens motor ( A performance of more than 5 kW/kg of motor.  Cooperation for a 100 person is underway.

There was also a small one seater helicopter with a Hirth motor. Nice coaxial contra-rotating both articulated rotors. And autogyro’s become fancier every time: smooth fuselages.



On the innovation area there were few things: a vertical ducted fan plane idea, a flying car and the ground effect aircraft presented by a interesting Russian guy.

Although one of the assignments I had in mind was on seeking noise reducing propellers, there was no manufacturer or supplier that had a clear edge on this, with scientific background material. It seems that the props of carbon are indeed abundant on the fair, but did not see noise reduction as topic for props.

Investors flying in

We see the first investor interest in the project. We are in discussion with a number of them.

Progress on components

The craft hull is being cleaned and becomes smooth so it can be covered. Today we worked on the connectors using 60 61 T6 tubes: neat work. A number of connectors will be anodized.





Range extender progress

For the range extender we had discussions with a number of producers of engines. We see that our earlier study is confirmed. We can use those with a 7- fold improvement of the li-ion batteries. With one of the manufacturers we will move further and aim to set up a test together with a electric motor supplier.



We had a good presentation for the NL certification body ILT, and this resulted in a number of suggestions from their site. Good suggestions, to either consider it and RPAS ( <150 kg) and do unmanned in step 1, so at least getting experience. Or hope on a change of law to introduce anew the regulation on prototypes


With Easa  and CZ country certifier we had a good first opening. EASA is having a prototype allowance (of course special conditions); the certifier of micro lights in CZ will discuss this multi rotor concept with the aviation authorities.