Welcome to a New Team Member!

WonderfulOn 17ste of February I became grandfather. My daughter Anne-Marie gave birth to Naud, an amazing wonder of love. So you will understand there will be some baby noises and talk in our skype or tel. conversations, when we have grand parent’s day!

Welcome to a new team member

Let me introduce our new team member: Kelly Beerman. He is a former senior manager of Boeing, and has a clear passion for flying. He had similar dreams on building a craft and concluded after his research that flight time is the big limitation using batteries only. However with the fast developments of battery tech and range extenders, he foresees a big future for such elegant crafts. Kelly brings in huge managerial and business experience for the project.

Range extenderThe idea of a range extender came up in earlier blogs. It would be a intermediary solution for extending the flight time. Temporarily as the Lipo batteries will further improve in performance from the current 0.130 kWh/kg to 0.50 kWh/kg. Range extenders use fuel, and many immediately dislike it for that reason. It is not a renewable source. We should however correct this. It can be a renewable source: with renewable electricity and basic elements we can make methane (CH4) ( Audi is investing in this). From methane and energy we can make syndiesel (Eg Shell) and this can be used in the range extender. So in principle a range extender using syndiesel can be renewable.  We have different alternatives for engines and generators in the spot. It is a matter now of building a system and test it.

Airbag parachute progressWe think that after some more intensive research we can further the idea in cooperation with some well experienced partners in this field. It is too early to disclose now, but yes…

Finalizing the drawings

The team (Marko, Predrag and myself) is now finishing all the detailed drawings of the frame and fuselage. Once that is done we can start making the connectors and move to the assembly of the craft.

Props and protectionWith Kees we are trying to see more in depth shroud/cowling. Reidar showed us this reference as a start. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/11/tech/airbus-electric-aircraft/

Electric system professionalization

Currently in the proof of concept we can keep the electric system simple, but in future we will need to have OEM quality components and we are now identifying partners in this.

Working on belt drive system

With Barry we are redesigning the Belt drive:  more simple to manufacture compact and light.  This will continue over these weeks.


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Winfried Rijssenbeek is a renewable energy expert with a long track record in setting up projects in developing countries. In his free time he is dedicated to innovations related to human carriers.

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