Welcome to Comment and Give Feedback

Welcome to comment and give feed back

Quite a number of people receiving the news alert, enjoy reading about the progress. If you want to give feed back, you are welcome. Tell us what you like, dislike.

Team spirit

While doing this project all team members feed to new ideas of exchange and this is full fun for us: we come to out of the box creations, and of course do test those thoroughly. Examples are the airbag parachute; how we can make a nice skin for the fuselag; how can we use new  foam parts smartly. It is astonishing how this spirit brings us to new ideas, that can be brought into new ventures and products.

More and more parties interested to support

We found that while progressing over the last half year, people see that yes what we planned actually gets done; people start to get confidence about the viability of the idea and the approach we take, taking diligent steps. So that helps us enormously.

New website in the making

We are proud to announce that we are working on a new website. It will be up and running in 14 days from now,  if all goes as planned. It will have a more professional look, and more features.

Final shape frame

This week we prepared a mock up of the Proof of Concept. It was put together to see size in real live and thing about ease of entering or getting out. Although there are many idea’s both on materials (alum or carbon) or simplicity or batteries placement, that came up showing the mock-up to experts, we think that what we have meets a glimpse of speed and on the other hand simplicity and function.

Fuselage astonishing

We aim to have the fuselage finished at the period of testing. The shape is really awesome and we are now determining the drawings and building it together. Marko, Predrag and myself are in getting it ready for production.

Frame Connectors

For the PoC the frame tube connectors are of simple design and allow for rigid constructions without damaging the carbon fibre tubes. One senior advisor of the team with designing experience of o.a. Fokker Planes, gave positive comments on such approach. Next week that design will finish.

Agridrone establishment

As part of our activities we also prepare for a interesting task for a agricultural drone. People that see potential for this or have ideas for applications are welcome.. We will seek cooperation with WUR specialists we have met with earlier!

Electric systems advice

The do it yourself aircraft builders (NVAV) has been contacted, and a visit of their members gave a lot of ideas and feedback. We are giving follow-up to all the ideas discussed. inspirtion!

Working on belt drive system

With Barry we are redesigning the Belt drive:  more simple to manufacture compact and light.  This will continue over these weeks.

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Winfried Rijssenbeek is a renewable energy expert with a long track record in setting up projects in developing countries. In his free time he is dedicated to innovations related to human carriers.

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