Our offer

Unique is that the client can make a size selection and type selection based on the needs. Small open field horticulturalist and flower companies have different needs as larger crop producers like corn or potato producers. So for all applications one can choose an optimal selection saving money for the client and bringing about the optimal result.

In our vision we see part of agricultural activities in future be using aerial robots as well as land robots. This aerial robot is enabled by many technologies that come together in this era. For example:

  • Super light materials like CF;
  • High power highly controllable electric motors;
  • Accurate sensor and autopilot technology;
  • High power and good energy density technologies like Li-ion batteries, also used in newest electric cars;
  • Software and IOT technology allowing programing of drone flights


The 3m width

The 4.5m width

The 6m width

Special products

Drone4Agro also carries out special projects for customers such as:

  • Special painting drone for a customer: this drone is design to spray paint large surfaces
  • Special Design of Evacuation Drone that can carry a wounded person, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k0VNN1Zc4k
  • Currently a project is carried out for a 100 kg payload transport drone


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